AllsystemsMax Pro
User guide

F. Texting (optional)

You have two choices for texting:
1. MySMS (Premium)- $10/year. Or $0/year by simply providing your receipt for annual reimbursement from us during any active subscription period.  To create an account go here.
2. Zipwhip/Textel-  $35/month or $100/month depending upon service type selected. You receive this discounted pricing available to AllsystemsMax participants by going to  this co-branded Zipwhip/Textel signup website with the AllsystemsMax logo visible.
Note: Zipwhip is the manufacturer, Textel is the distributor. You will be making your payments to Textel.
In either case, operation is similar.
First you set up your account with either Textel or MySMS at their respective website. You will be given a password.
Next you go to the File menu-> Administrator Utilities, choose your vendor, and enter your phone number and password.
After entering your phone number and password, you are ready to start texting.  
Ways to put it to use:
There are four places in the software where you can initiate a text. Except in this first case below (The Schedule tab), the software already knows who you are dealing with and will enter the mobile number for you. To ensure delivery, of course you must have previously entered the mobile number in the space provided for 'Mobile' in the Customer information tab  and not into 'Home' or 'Work'!
First you select the contact type [1]... Select from possible recipients [2]... Fill in the message and press the Send Text button.  
Note: You can verify that all messages have been sent using the Zipwhip interface and viewing the Send/Receive history.