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Carfax Service Link

The opportunity:
 1.     Include your repair shop in Carfax Vehicle Service History Reports. Automatic upload of vehicle repair information to CARFAX on the selected day of the week.
 2.     During creation of repair orders, get accurate maintenance schedules, based on the actual repair history of the  vehicle, not just generic schedules. 
 3.     Get recall bulletins
 4.     Get VIN decoding by plate. Otherwise, you only have built-in VIN decoding by VIN.
The Cost: $0
Set up procedure in AllsystemsMax:
 1.     Click on File menu-> Carfax Services.
2.     Read the information window. Then click OK.
3.     Click on Terms & Conditions to read the agreement, then click on Accept the End User Licensing Agreement.
4.     The Service History tab opens. Make any necessary changes to your company information, and set the upload day of the week.  If computer is not on, then upload will automatically occur when program is restarted the following day.
5. Finished! Click Close to exit, or continue with settting up Customer Loyalty by clicking that tab at the top of the window shown above.