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Carfax Loyalty Pro

The opportunity:
1.   Increase customer loyalty.
When added to Service Link, customer contact information is also automatically uploaded to CARFAX on the selected day of the week.
At signup, two years of data is uploaded so you  immediately get more return business. Then, month after month,  the repeat business keeps rolling in.
2.  Drive more service revenue.
The customer gets the customized Carfax app.
The customer also gets accurate, timely maintenance reminders, delivered by email or text, so you no longer need to handle this yourself.
3.  Boost your reputation.
Carfax also handles getting you more reviews to boost your online visibility and reputation.
The Cost: $?   Call 888-318-9293 to speak with a CARFAX representative.
Set up procedure in AllsystemsMax:
1.     Click on File menu-> Carfax Services.
2.     Assuming that you already installed Carfax Service Link but not yet Customer Loyalty, then you will only see Service History and Customer Loyalty tabs at the top of the window as shown . If the Sign tab is visible, then you need to first set up Carfax Service Link.  Otherwise, continue by clicking the Customer Loyalty tab.
3.     In the Customer Loyalty tab you can
             a.  click on the 'Click here' link to access this help section, or
             b.  click 'Upload Shop Loyalty Data' to upload 2 years of history. This action will also result in a Carfax representative contacting you to set up an account that best suits your needs.
or, for more immediate service, simply call the number on the screen.
4.     After completion of registration with Carfax you will no longer see the window above. Instead it will be replaced by following.