Auto Repair Shop Management

Auto Repair Shop Management

Posted on February 6, 2016 by AutoRepairManager


The Automotive Management Network Mission:

A place to exchange information about the management of all types of Vehicle Servicefacilities, independent auto repair shops, car and truck dealers, franchises, fleets, body shops and more! See links to Auto Repair  Management Software…


Blind Car Mechanic Revisited

Blind Car Mechanic Revisited

Three years ago we posted a video interview with  Larry Woody, a blind car mechanic, who uses AllsystemsMax Shop Management Software to run his car repair facility in Cottage Grove, OR. The interview can be seen here. A few days ago a new video was posted here, in which Larry talks about  the accident that took his sight and the choice we all make in life when the going gets tough.

Auto Repair Shop Management in Costa Rica
  • Auto Repair Shop Management in Costa Rica 

    Posted on March 14, 2014 by AutoRepairManager

    It happens more and more often, but it’s still not every day that we get interest in AllsystemsMax Shop Management Software from far off countries.

    Today, we showed AllsystemsMax to Debbie at Mad Dog Motors in Costa Rica, using the remote desktop sharing feature available from the Help menu in our auto repair shop management software.

    Because Skype phone calls are blocked there (the phone company is a state monopoly), and otherwise talk is not cheap between Costa Rica and the U.S., instead we avoiding an expensive phone call by using the texting feature built into the remote desktop software.

    At the end of our “conversation”, Debbie had this to say:

    “We are really liking the program so far, it has met our needs better than some fancier programs, and is more affordable for sure.”

    My thoughts exactly!

Auto Repair Shop Uses Innovative New Tool to Reach Customers

Auto Repair Shop Uses Innovative New Tool to Reach Customers

Posted on November 19, 2013 by AutoRepairManager

November 18, 2013: Wilson Lam  runs Wilson’s Auto Tech in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  He is one of first businesses in Canada, and the first auto repair shop in the province to use a new texting service to better communicate with customers.

The service is ZipWhip. It allows you to use your computer and your business land line phone number to communicate with your customers. Click the photo below to read the article online….

Podcast Features Blind Shop Manager and AllsystemsMax

Podcast Features Blind Shop Manager and AllsystemsMax

Posted on September 6, 2013 by AutoRepairManager

Although blinded in an auto accident, Larry Woody owns and manages an auto repair shop. In his spare time, he is rebuilding a 1968 El Camino and sometimes drives in car races.

Download this recent podcast (mp3 audio), in which hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey talk with him about how he’s able to do all that and about some of the accessible computer programs he uses to help him, such as AllsystemsMax, which he uses to manage D&D Automotive in Cottage Grove, OR.

The Driver-less Car Changes Everything

The Driver-less Car Changes Everything

Posted on May 22, 2013 by AutoRepairManager

Google is not the only company developing driver-less cars, but they are taking it all the way to its logical conclusion- a completely driver-less car that can even go park itself after delivering its payload (you!).

The possible ramifications of the driver-less car are huge, in lives and time saved, as well as fuel efficiency, and need for fewer roads when vehicles can taligate safely at higher speeds.

The reality of production vehicles hitting the road is much closer than most people think. In fact, its not futuristic at all. Already Google driver-less cars are a common sight on the roads and freeways near Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  They stop for pedestrians, merge with traffic, and so far are accident-free  (except one instance where the test driver took over manual control).

  • Think of the countless hours saved when drivers can spend time in their vehicles doing something more productive than driving.
  • Think of the possible impact on the auto body industry (eventually there might not be one), auto repair industry (simpler vehicles – fewer and less expensive repairs), car insurance industry and medical and health industry (fewer accidents).
  • Think of the psychological impact.

To read more about the driver-less car, here is just one of many good articles. This particular one is from Wired Magazine in January 2012: Let the Robot Drive: The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here

Also view this TED Talk Video (6 minutes- March 2011) Sebastian Thrun: Google’s driverless car

AllsystemsMax now serving Brazil

AllsystemsMax now serving Brazil

Posted on May 19, 2013 by AutoRepairManager

We are pleased to announce the first automotive repair shop in Brazil using AllsystemsMax Shop Management Software. It is:


Brasilia is located in the center of the country and is the federal capital since 1960. It is analogous to Washington DC in the United States.

Improvised Auto Repair- Stranded in the Sahara

Improvised Auto Repair- Stranded in the Sahara 

Posted on March 31, 2013 by AutoRepairManager

In 1993, a French guy named Emile Leray decided to go on a trip through Northern Africa in his Citroen 2CV.  He runs into some hassle at a military check-point in a town called Tilemsen. He turns around, and opts to go off-road for fear the military are following him. He’s in the middle of the western Sahara when his car hit a hard bump and broke its axle So now he’s stranded in the Western Sahara desert, far from a road. He decides to take his car apart and make a motorcycle. He uses the shell of the car as a shelter against sun and sand-storms :

He removes the engine block and designs himself an impromptu motor-bike. He’s got no welding tool so has to use screws and perform many other feats of ingenuity. He rode away on this :

This real-life MacGyver is still alive and well. He’s got one weird motorcycle and a hell of a story to go with it.

Free VIN Decode

Free VIN Decoder

Posted on November 18, 2012 by AutoRepairManager

A free online VIN decoder is now available at: It looks like this:

Decode Any Car VIN Here


Free Decoder by Decode This!

Simply enter a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), such as the VIN for a 2004 Toyota Corolla already entered above, and then press Go!

The result is similar to the image below:

2004 Toyota Corolla VIN decoded

NOTE: This free online VIN decoder for any car is in addition to the free VIN decoding integrated within AllsystemsMax Shop Management Software.

The integrated version of VIN decoding, included with the repair shop management software, is provided through a different source, CarFax, which also automatically updates the CarFax Vehicle History Reports with the automotive services that you provide your customer. CarFax credits you with the work by including your shop name and contact information next to each maintenance or repair service included in the report.

This is a significant marketing tool, in that it helps keep vehicles in your shop after they are sold. The new owner who orders the report during the process of negotiating his purchase, sees your auto repair shop name and contact information all over it, and likely brings the vehicle to you for a pre-purchase inspection. What better choice for maintenance and repair of his newly purchased vehicle than your repair facility that already knows all about the car or truck?

Testimonial : About Allsystemsmax

Testimonial : About Allsystemsmax

Posted on November 6, 2011 by AutoRepairManager

Keith Ortolano, Owner : Asian Imports and Asian Imports Plus, Las Vegas, NV states,

“I have been using Allsystemsmax for many years and still feel that there is no other automotive management software that can compare in ease of use, functionality, value and support.  We have recently expanded to a new second location and setting up the software was as simple as making a phone call.  Technical support is amazing, should you need it.  They are always available to handle your questions during business hours.  Updates are regularly available at no additional cost and will generally include specific requests.  There is nothing that I need to run by businesses that this software wont do.  Simply amazing!”